Rio is a freelance dramaturg, theatre director and practitioner, as well as the Furnace Coordinator at Leeds Playhouse. Her work as a director and researcher is heavily informed by her experiences in adaptation, her personal history of dance and movement training, and her political beliefs as an intersectional feminist. She has directed for the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse, Unity, and Municipal Theatre London, and as an assistant director has worked with Tom Morris, Gemma Bodinetz, Nick Bagnall, Matthew Linley and Dritero Kasapi, for theatres including the Young Vic, Bristol Old Vic, and the Traverse. She has also researched and published for companies including Headlong, and is a Senior Reader for Hampstead theatre, as well as a reader for the Bruntwood Prize. Prior to her role at the Everyman and Playhouse, she most recently directed a  production of Romeo and Juliet for the Rubbish Shakespeare Company, which toured the North West in 2018, before playing at the Pleasance in Edinburgh.

Photo by Andrew Ness

Nina: A Story About Me and Nina Simone

★★★★ TimeOut
★★★★ The Stage
★★★★ The Guardian
★★★★ The Times

Unity & Riksteatern Co-Production with Young Vic Assistant Director

Devised by Josette Bushell-Mingo and Dritero Kasapi


Fanny and Faggot


★★★★ Liverpool Sound and Vision

"superb...the story of those dark days in the 1960’s North-East still has the power to shock"

A LUDS Production                                                             Director

By Jack Thorne


Meave Sullivan 2.jpg



★★★★ Liverpool Sound and Vision

"utterly charming...nothing short of remarkable"

    A Young Everyman Playhouse Production                Director

By Albert Camus, adapted by Rio Matchett and Luke Barton


May 2018-August 2018 'Romeo and Juliet’

North West Tour, The Rubbish Shakespeare Company

April 2015 - March 2018     ‘Nina: A Story About Me and Nina Simone’
                                                     Devised by Josette Bushell-Mingo and Dritero Kasapi
                                                    (Resident Director UK tour/ Assistant Director to Dritero Kasapi for R&D)
                                                    Young Vic, London/Traverse, Edinburgh
                                                    Young Vic, Unity, Liverpool. Riksteatern/National Tour, Sweden

September 2016                  ‘Maggie and Rene’
                                                    Research and Development
                                                    Unity Liverpool

March 2016                             ‘I am the Monster’

                                                    Anders Lustgarten
                                                   (Assistant Director to Matthew Linley)
                                                    Research and Development
                                                    Unity, Liverpool

October 2015                          ‘You are Lennon’

                                                     Patrick Maguire
                                                     Ace Drama
                                                     Unity, Liverpool

May 2015                                  ‘Misterman’

                                                    Enda Walsh
                                                    Young Everyman and Playhouse
                                                    The Playhouse Studio, Liverpool
December 2014                     ‘Madame Bovary’

                                                    Gustav Flaubert
                                                   (Assistant Director to Tom Morris and Gemma Bodinetz)
                                                    Research and Development week
                                                    The Everyman and Playhouse, Bristol Old Vic, Peepolykus

October 2014                          ‘Wonderland'

                                                     Luke Barnes’        
                                                     (Assistant Director to Nick Bagnall)
                                                     Rehearsed Reading for the Everyword Festival
                                                     The Everyman and Playhouse
                                                     The Playhouse, Liverpool

October 2014                           ‘Workhouse Ward’

                                                       Lady Gregory
                                                       The Liverpool Irish Festival
                                                       The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool

June 2014                                 ‘L’Etranger’

                                                      Albert Camus (Adapted by Rio Matchett and Luke Barton)
                                                       Young Everyman and Playhouse
                                                       Studio Ev1, The Everyman, Liverpool

August 2013                            ‘Cain’

                                                    Lord Byron
                                                     Municipal Theatre London
                                                      Lantern Theatre Liverpool; The Space @ Jury’s Inn, Edinburgh

August 2012                            ‘Happy’

                                                     Igor Memic
                                                      Municipal Theatre London
                                                      The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool; Oxford House, London;
                                                      Greenside Studios, Edinburgh


July 2016                                    ‘Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme’
                                                        Headlong Theatre
                                                        Article Title: ‘Beyond Language’

February-May 2017                  ‘In the Millennial Dome’
                                                        Alex Ferguson
                                                         Alex and Gears Co.

Community Theatre

July 2015                                      ‘Easy Virtue’
                                                          Liverpool Network Theatre
                                                          Movement Director

April 2015                                      ‘The Blueroom Project’
                                                           Tmesis and The Bluecoat Liverpool
                                                           Facilitator for Adults with disabilities

March 2015                                   ‘Dracula’
                                                           Liverpool Network Theatre
                                                           Fight Choreographer

March 2011                                   ‘Twelfth Night’
                                                            Anston Hillcrest Primary School